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On Fri 2016-10-07 04:33:36 -0400, Maximiliano Curia wrote:
Qt and KDE libs are built with -fPIC, which, afaik, is stronger and incompatible with -fPIE, would it be an option to use -fPIC for gpgme?

I've been reading about -fPIC and -fpic and -fPIE and -fpie and -pie for years and i confess i've never completely understood the differences or whether one is "stronger" than another.

gcc says of -fPIE and -fpic "generated position independent code can be only linked into executables." which makes it seem odd that these parameters would be passed through to building libraries in the first place.

I'm going to try a rebuild without the extra hardening flags to see whether i can make progress on this.

I don't think I can offer you much help with this, the way I see it -fpie and
-fPIE are only useful for non libraries, but I don't really know what gcc/ld does with this options.

fwiw, i'd still really love some feedback about whether it's ok to take over the binary packages i'd asked about in the first place.

Yes, sorry for not replying sooner. We are not planning to upload a new version of gpgmepp (we are currently skipping 16.08 and upstream is apparently dropping gpgmepp for 16.12).

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