On Wednesday 12 October 2016 15:02:32 Sandro Knauß wrote:
> > > The only thing I wanted to check if libgpgme11-dev conficts with the
> > > other
> > > -dev packages.
> > 
> > yes, i think we will, because kdepimlibs5-dev has usr/include/gpgme++
> > and /usr/include/qgpgme and usr/lib/gpgmepp, which we will probably want
> > in libgpgme11-dev or in some separate -dev package.  This means we might
> > need a rebuild of kdepimlibs with the gpgme stuff removed, right?  and
> > we might decide to just drop the gpgmepp source package from debian
> > entirely.
> We need to see if we need to be coinstallable with kdepimlibs 4.14, so
> splitting the -dev packages makes sure anyhow, so that not everyone needs to
> install whole Qt dependencies.

I also got feedback from Luca (SUSE) that the conflict with kdepimlibs 4.14 is 
causing problems. I wonder if we should change the install locations to 
"/usr/include/gpgme-cpp" and "/usr/include/gpgme-qt" or do you think it's too 
late for that?

> > So one question is whether we should break out separate libqpgme-dev and
> > libgpgmepp-dev packages, or whether we should (as you've already done)
> > keep it simple and put all the -dev stuff into a single package?
> I would prefer to install every binding into a own -dev package. Because the
> c ++ binding do not include any additional deps but the qt one does. But
> doesn't it make sense to make somesthing like libgpgme-dev,
> libgpgme-cpp-dev, libgpgme-qt-dev, libgpgme-python-dev,... So it is easier
> to know what binding I build against? Or are the names gpgmepp and qgpgme
> that wide spread, that it would it make the live harder?

I like the suggestion of libgpgme-cpp-dev and libgpgme-qt-dev. I don't think 
gpgmepp and qgpgme are that widespread. And the namespaces used are just GpgME 
and QGpgME. Maybe also changing the installed librarary names to match 
libgpgme-qt.so ?

FYI there was some API missing / not installed in the qt variant that is used 
in kleopatra and KMail, so we'll need a new release soon. KDEPIM master 
already depends on the new libraries.


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