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On Monday 10 October 2016 03:18:02 Sandro Knauß wrote:
> I now have managed to build the cpp and qt bindings. We have no clash with
> libnames, because the libs are names libgpgmepp6 (old name was libgpgme++2)
> and libqgpgme6 (old name was libkf5gpgmepp5). so we don't need Replace/Break
> for those. Do we need for this a transition?

I don't think a transition is needed. They should be coinstallable imo because 
some users might not switch quickly to the new version and they are API / ABI 

> The only thing I wanted to check if libgpgme11-dev conficts with the other
> -dev packages.

I think that there will be a conflict with kdepimlibs5-dev as the include 
installation location is the same.


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