Hello Jonas,
Thanks for the precious informations. I rather work through a team and
build long-term cooperation, rather than though sponsors. I can work
with the Python-app team and the pkg-multimedia team.

2010/6/2 Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk>:
> Hi Alexandre,
> On Wed, Jun 02, 2010 at 10:42:27AM -0400, Alexandre Quessy wrote:
>> As a new member of this team, I would like to find a sponsor for the
>> scenic package.
> There is sponsoring, and there is team maintainance.  They are two different
> styles of working together.
> With sponsoring you maintain your package alone, and then hand it over to
> someone with upload rights who "sign" your package (after inspecting its
> sanity and perhaps requesting you to improve some things or doing some
> improvements themselves).
> With team maintainance you work on a package - maybe alone, maybe with
> others in the team, and when you/they feel the package is ready for release
> you shout here at the list for someone with upload rights to finalize and
> upload.
> The difference is not only in concrete working style, but also in who takes
> responsibility towards the users in the wuality assurance of the package: A
> team or a single developer.
> Since you mention that you are part of our team (sorry - I did not know, I
> am lousy at keeping track of such things), I guess what you really want is
> not "sponsoring" at all, but just some fellow team member to help finalize
> and upload :-)

Yes, I am member of team since of few days only. I've been a free
software developers for years, and a big fan of Debian and Ubuntu,

So yes, I want to work with the Debian Multimedia team.

>> I use cdbs, but I am ready to switch to debhelper 7 if we fix some issues
>> I had with it. (we need to build it with --enable-mt)
> What is your own preference here?
> Do you want to continue using CDBS if that is acceptable, or do you not like
> CDBS and prefer yourself to get rid of it?

Well, I would rather stick with CDBS for now, since it works for this
package. I tried to switch to debhelper 7, but it didn't work at the
first try.

> If the first, then I will be happy to work with you - I only use CDBS and is
> quite happy with it.  If the latter then I will rather not spend time on
> this, but leave it to others in this team to work with you :-)

Wow! I am very impressed by the list of packages you are working on. I
would be very happy to work with you for this package! My long-time
will is to become a DD, mostly for multimedia.

For this scenic package, I will release the 0.5.11 tag in a few hours
today. (I'm in Montreal, so my time zone is -0400) My packaging is
pretty much ready and our big app is very stable right now. I think
there is not much work left to do.

You can find me on the #debian-multimedia IRC channel, if you want.


> Kind regards,
>  - Jonas
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