On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 14:51:46 (CEST), Jonas Smedegaard wrote:

> On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 02:15:35PM +0200, Reinhard Tartler wrote:
>>On Tue, Jun 29, 2010 at 13:33:19 (CEST), Jonas Smedegaard wrote:
>>>> - Shouldn't we upload another revision of rtmpdump ASAP with
>>>> librtmp-dev depending on libgnutls-dev and remove this build-depends
>>>> from ffmpeg?
>>> I recommend to use d-shlibs to auto-resolve library dependencies.
>>AFAIUI, this does way too much for this problem.
>> Can d-shlibs be used standalone, i.e., without adding it as build-dep
>> and integrating it to debian/rules?
> Sure - just as you can invoke debhelper commands manually too: Weird
> (for anything but debugging) but possible.

I'll take a look how it could help here.

> I fail to see the bad in adding it as a build-dependency - it a) is an
> ancient tool so unless new improvements are really needed should be
> available also in unusual environments like Ubuntu, and b) is written in
> shell so does not pull in the whole world.

I'd prefer to minimize the amount required build dependencies to a
sensible degree.

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