Am 29.06.2010 19:23, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
Correct. As the very first sentence of its manpage says:
Check and list dependencies of development library packages

He? IMHO this is neither right nor common practice.

The "dependencies of development library packages" are not necessarily the -dev packages of the libraries that the package in question is linked to.

I mean, if libfoo0 is linked against liba0, libb0 and libc0, then liba-dev, libb-dev and libc-dev are *not* necessarily dependencies of libfoo-dev! Imagine what this would mean for e.g. libavcodec-dev.

Things are different for static libraries, though.

To find out hard dependencies for shared libraries development packages, you should (1) check which headers are included by the public API, (2) check which libraries are referenced by the .pc files and (3) check which libraries are referenced by the .la files.

 - Fabian

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