Am 29.06.2010 17:44, schrieb Felipe Sateler:
If the objective is to use at least the released version (and not a
svn snapshot), I think the correct approach would be to use 4:0.6.0~,
and not include the debian revision. This, however, would mean
changing the version from 4:0.6-1 to 4:0.6.0-1

I disagree for two reasons.

First, because upstream has released 0.6, not 0.6.0, and we should not second-guess their versioning scheme. I am all against introducing artificial version numbers to circumvent packaging issues. This just causes confusion.

Second, because we have already released a 0.6-1 package and we expect the library interface to be stable from this very release on, not any other, and we express this via the shlibs information. In other words, what builds against 0.6-1 should depend on at least 0.6-1 (or a backport of it).

 - Fabian

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