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> > Yes, that's why we want to ship it as default jackd flavor in squeeze.
> > However, we discovered that squeeze is better off with both jackd1 and
> > jackd2 versions, and have applications compiled against libjack0 from
> > the jackd1 package.
> >
> Can't you run apps compiled against libjack0 with libjack-jackd2-0? That
> probaby works, since the interface is the same. Or am I completely off the
> mark here?

It works (on the library level), but the packages need to depend on the
newly introduced virtual package libjack-0.116 which is provided by
either libjack0 or libjack-jackd2-0. 

(to be precise, they'll depend on (libjack-jackd2-0 | libjack-0.116),
and that's what the binNMUs are for)

For more information, see the rather lengthy


and the even longer discussion on the pkg-multimedia-maintainer mailing
list. (trust me, you don't want to read this, it took us some 200 mails
or more to agree on the right strategy. We now believe we got it right
;) )


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