On Tue, 2010-07-20 at 22:30 +0200, Adrian Knoth wrote:
> It works (on the library level), but the packages need to depend on the
> newly introduced virtual package libjack-0.116 which is provided by
> either libjack0 or libjack-jackd2-0. 
> (to be precise, they'll depend on (libjack-jackd2-0 | libjack-0.116),
> and that's what the binNMUs are for)

On the subject of those binNMUs, they should now all have been

Looking at unstable and ignoring packages which have built successfully
and are simply missing uploads, the remaining packages depending on just
libjack0 are:

- ardour: FTBFS on sparc (#590863)
- csound: FTBFS on hppa (#590948)
- gnuradio: FTBFS everywhere (#573759) and not in testing
- hydrogen: FTBFS on several architectures (#574719)
- lmms: Unbuildable due to dependency on libwine-dev (#590950)
- slv2: FTBFS on hppa (#590976)
- wine-unstable: FTBFS on powerpc; not in testing

Testing is similar but also includes:

- aqualung, moc, qmmp, xine-lib, xmms2: waiting for libmodplug
- freej: waiting for opencv, which started an uncoordinated transition
and FTBFS on hppa
- idjc: 3/10 days old
- mpd: 8/10 days old
- qtractor: 6/10 days old
- seq24: 7/10 days old



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