On Sun, August 1, 2010 12:33, Felipe Sateler wrote:
> Copying this to the appropriate bug...
> Indeed. How do you suggest working through this? Facts:
> 1. The build hangs unpredictably on a doxygen call.
> 2. The doxygen call is in build-indep (so it is not strictly necessary
> for binary only builds, but gets executed anyway).
> I can move the doxygen call away from there into binary-indep, but that
> feels like a hack to me.

Does the documentation actually differ across architectures?  If the
doxygen calls are simply for generating the contents of libcsound64-doc
then arranging for them to only occur when the binary-indep packages are
being built sounds like a sane solution; if I'm missing something obvious,
then someone please apply the relevant cluebat. :-)



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