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From now on I will stay away whenever my intended help involves CDBS (for packages not already using it), as that is essentially what you tell me to do.

I admire you and your work, I think you're are a great experienced Debian Developer but your words sound really odd to me.

As you know, I prefer using DH but this doesn't make me refuse to help anyone who would like to maintain an interesting package using CDBS only (or CDBS+debhelper) rather than the abbreviated pure DH7 short-form. Of course I suggest to my sponsorees to use DH, but if they feel more comfortable to choose some other tool which allows them to do an appreciable job well, I can assure you that I don't raise any particular objections. Even if they decide to not follow my advices and go on using CDBS.

The reason is easy to find: we are a team and IMHO what we should do is a collaborative effort. That is a bit different from playing against ourselves.

Thanks for the kind words.

I suspect that perhaps my compact statement was open to misinterpretation. Let me try elaborate a bit:

 * I want to help where I can and where my help is welcome.
* I cannot help with issues directly tied to short-form dh, since I am not familiar with this technique. * I will no longer offer my help with issues that could be solved using either short-form dh or CDBS - except when CDBS is already used. * I will continue to offer my help with issues unrelated to short-form dh or CDBS.

Do you still find it odd?

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