Although I have not been asked directly, I feel free to respond.

Am 13.09.2010 13:04, schrieb Jonas Smedegaard:
* I want to help where I can and where my help is welcome.
* I cannot help with issues directly tied to short-form dh, since I am
not familiar with this technique.

IMHO these two points are perfectly reasonable and appreciated.

* I will no longer offer my help with issues that could be solved
using either short-form dh or CDBS - except when CDBS is already used.

But I still fail to understand this point. If for example a package using short-form dh7 in debian/rules needs a patch to the source or is missing a file reference in debian/foo.install, what keeps you from contributing?

* I will continue to offer my help with issues unrelated to short-form
dh or CDBS.

This is again reasonable and appreciated, but IMHO still contradictory to your previous point.

 - Fabian

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