On 13/09/10 07:52, Fabian Greffrath wrote:
>> * I will no longer offer my help with issues that could be solved
>> using either short-form dh or CDBS - except when CDBS is already used.
> But I still fail to understand this point. If for example a package
> using short-form dh7 in debian/rules needs a patch to the source or is
> missing a file reference in debian/foo.install, what keeps you from
> contributing?

The issue at hand was solvable by either:

1- Dropping the patch, using a CDBS feature
2- Dropping the patch, using dh-autoreconf
3- Modifying the patch.

>From what I understand, jonas was offering 1. When short-form dh is
used, _any_ modification to debian/rules needs understanding of short
form dh. So he is saying that he will no longer offer help for cases
like this one, which can be solved by features either in CDBS or in dh.

Felipe Sateler

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