On 11-06-18 at 06:08am, Jeremy Salwen wrote:
> A little confused.  I do upstream development and debian packagin in 
> the same git repository.  I have the upstream branch which I work on 
> and occasionally tag, and I have the master branch, in which I keep 
> the debian packaging and merge in upstream versions. I then update the 
> changelog and tag the commit. I thought this was supposed to be the 
> layout of debian packages in git.

Sounds sensible to me.

> 1. upstream work is allowed in the pkg-multimedia repository

Debian in general has no rules against above described packaging style.

The purpose of rules/guidelines specifically for this team is to avoid 
making collaboration too hard.

I am unaware if this team disallow/discourage above described packaging 
style in particular - seems to me to be an elegant _extension_ to our 
common style.

> 2. intermediate packaging work is allowed in the pkg-multimedia 
> repository

Not sure I understand what you mean here.

> 3. it would be okay to have the github and pkg-multimedia repositories 
> sync up. (or at least share commits).

As long as you do that syncing yourself, not expect others to do it (or 
require jumping through special hoops to preserve syncability), I see no 
problem with that.

> 4. Am I supposed to have write access to these repositories, or is 
> that reserved for DDs?

Yes, membership of this team implies write access to the git area for 
this team.

I suspect this issue really isn't about ongoing packaging style, but 
misunderstanding about how to bootstrap: I suggest you setup the gits 
for "your" packages yourself at the pkg-multimedia area of Alioth - then 
you can yourself try ensure that it is syncable with github.

Beware, though, that gits at Alioth has some hooks attached so as to 
report to our IRC channel and commit list.  Make sure, if you do not use 
the provided script, that you manually setup the gits properly.


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