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On Sat, Jun 18, 2011 at 10:08 AM, Jeremy Salwen <jeremysal...@gmail.com> wrote:
> A little confused.  I do upstream development and debian packagin in the
> same git repository.

And this isn't bad, you can develop your software the way you prefer,
however the packaging should be reviewed through our git repository.

> If you're asking me to remove the debian directories from the upstream
> branch, no need, there is no debian directory in the upstream branch.

I have asked you to remove the debian directory at least from the
release tarballs just to save some KiBs.

> 1. upstream work is allowed in the pkg-multimedia repository

There wouldn't be any particular problem for me. A good workflow may be:

 1. Work on upstream side by committing the changes into a new
upstream.trunk branch.
 2. Once the sources are ready to be released:
   a. Merge "upstream.trunk" into "upstream" and tag the latter
properly ("upstream/%(version)s").
   b. Prepare an orig.tar.gz, commit it into the pristine-tar branch
   c. Merge upstream into master.

> 2. intermediate packaging work is allowed in the pkg-multimedia repository

I fail to catch the point: what does "intermediate packaging work" mean?

> 3. it would be okay to have the github and pkg-multimedia repositories sync
> up. (or at least  share commits).

There would no need to set up such a sync if you follow that workflow
I drafted above.

> 4. Am I supposed to have write access to these repositories, or is that
> reserved for DDs?

You'd just need to have an account on Alioth and join the team.


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