On 11-06-12 at 07:38pm, Jeremy Salwen wrote:
> 1. I should probably clarify that I certainly can *handle* bugs filed 
> against any of my packages, in the sense that I can respond to them, 
> fix them, and create a new package with the new version, but I 
> basically had no experience tagging or assigning or triaging or 
> whatever other things you can do with the metadata.

Sounds great!

I feel you (and me too) should not read that too literally.  Point is 
not that you must be super clever juggling bugreports to work in this 
team, but that you acknowledge that it involved juggling bugreports and 
you do not feel uncomfortably with that.

Perhaps we should rephrase that sentence, to not scare off other 
potential future team members.  What do others think?

> 2. While I'm totally down with teamwork, I've been subscribed to the 
> pkg-multimedia-maintainer mailing list for a while now, and I have to 
> say that the volume is almost too much for me to handle on a daily 
> basis, and certainly will be in a couple months when I start school 
> again (not to mention the -commits mailing list, which seems to be 
> even *higher* volume).

No need for "daily basis" - not at all!

This is a volunteer project, and there is no requirement in this team 
that we commit any specific amount of time on it.  Heck, if you wanna 
work with us once a year I would still be happy to consider you a team 
member! :-D

> So honestly, although you've convinced me that I'd be qualified to 
> join the team, and I'll hang out with you guys and help out when I 
> have time, I just don't think I could handle being subscribed to the 
> mailing lists for any substantial amount of time.

If mailinglist traffic level discourages your joining us, then please do 
consider to simply setup your mail handling to reroute list traffic to a 
separate folder to not get bogged down by it.  Point of you joining the 
list is not that you are alert and always "on duty", but that you 
acknowledge the _maintainance_ part of the task of maintaining packages.  
And again, the actual amount of devotion is fluid - can once a week or 
once a month you pop by, or even more infrequently since we are a team 
that can cover for each other. :-)

So all in all, I still think you should consider joining our team.


 - Jonas

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