Okay fine, You've convinced me.  I've subscribed to the mailing lists, but
directed them to a folder I'll check from time to time.


1. I have an alioth account called jeremysalwen-guest
2. I've subscribed to the mailing lists
3. I'm not scared of Debian bugs
4. I'm happy to help anyone when I have the time.

A little about myself:

My name is Jeremy Salwen, and I like to program audio processing software.
When doing audio stuff I mainly write in C, or possibly with a little C++.
In particular, I've written a few simple programs and some plugins, but
mainly I find myself porting other peoples' software to the LV2 plugin
format (which I really like, by the way),  As I almost always write software
to scratch a particular itch or interest of mine, I like to think that my
software would be useful to other people, which is why I started getting
involved with packaging my own and other peoples' software for debian.  I
use git-buildpackage + quilt to make my packages.

That's All!

On Sun, Jun 12, 2011 at 8:56 PM, Jonas Smedegaard <d...@jones.dk> wrote:

> On 11-06-12 at 07:38pm, Jeremy Salwen wrote:
> > 1. I should probably clarify that I certainly can *handle* bugs filed
> > against any of my packages, in the sense that I can respond to them,
> > fix them, and create a new package with the new version, but I
> > basically had no experience tagging or assigning or triaging or
> > whatever other things you can do with the metadata.
> Sounds great!
> I feel you (and me too) should not read that too literally.  Point is
> not that you must be super clever juggling bugreports to work in this
> team, but that you acknowledge that it involved juggling bugreports and
> you do not feel uncomfortably with that.
> Perhaps we should rephrase that sentence, to not scare off other
> potential future team members.  What do others think?
> > 2. While I'm totally down with teamwork, I've been subscribed to the
> > pkg-multimedia-maintainer mailing list for a while now, and I have to
> > say that the volume is almost too much for me to handle on a daily
> > basis, and certainly will be in a couple months when I start school
> > again (not to mention the -commits mailing list, which seems to be
> > even *higher* volume).
> No need for "daily basis" - not at all!
> This is a volunteer project, and there is no requirement in this team
> that we commit any specific amount of time on it.  Heck, if you wanna
> work with us once a year I would still be happy to consider you a team
> member! :-D
> > So honestly, although you've convinced me that I'd be qualified to
> > join the team, and I'll hang out with you guys and help out when I
> > have time, I just don't think I could handle being subscribed to the
> > mailing lists for any substantial amount of time.
> If mailinglist traffic level discourages your joining us, then please do
> consider to simply setup your mail handling to reroute list traffic to a
> separate folder to not get bogged down by it.  Point of you joining the
> list is not that you are alert and always "on duty", but that you
> acknowledge the _maintainance_ part of the task of maintaining packages.
> And again, the actual amount of devotion is fluid - can once a week or
> once a month you pop by, or even more infrequently since we are a team
> that can cover for each other. :-)
> So all in all, I still think you should consider joining our team.
> Regards,
>  - Jonas
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