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  Hello, I am Konstantin, developer of vala-panel-appmenu. I have some comments 
about your application.
  MenuModel protocol consitsts for 5 items:
    AppMenu - with property _GTK_APPMENU_OBJECT_PATH
    MenuBar - with property _GTK_MENUBAR_OBJECT_PATH
    It is a menu models, it is how menu should drawn on screen.
    One can be missing, and then incomplete menu should render:
    a) If AppMenu is missing, you will miss menu entry with application name 
(vala-panel-appmenu renders stub in place of missing AppMenu)
    b) If MenuBar is missing, you will miss all menu entries except entry with 
application name.
    c) If both are missing, you will not see a menu (Protocol is incorrect)
  And 3 providers of actions. Actions is required to get menu react on user 
    Application (_GTK_APPLICATION_OBJECT_PATH, prefix app) - it is actions from 
all application (not bound to a particular window)
    Window (_GTK_WINDOW_OBJECT_PATH, prefix win) - it is actions from current 
window, as it set by a developer of application
    Unity (_UNITY_OBJECT_PATH, prefix unity) - it is non-standard, but widely 
used action path for set a Unity actions (when window actions is not supported 
by app developer). It is object path supported by unity-gtk-module and 
    If you implement this, you will get GTK2 menu for free.
    If any of this are missing, this menu items should be rendered as disabled. 
But if menu using actions only from one category - it can be used as a normal 
menu. Setting this all is not required for functional menu. One will be enough, 
if menu is using actions only from one group.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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