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  1. Unity is dead, but I forked unity-gtk-module, patched it for all distros, 
fixed some bugs and called appmenu-gtk-module. So, Unity is dead, but unity 
action prefixes is live.
  2. To use unity-gtk-module or appmenu-gtk-module you need to install it into 
correct location (where all gtk modules is located) and then add its name 
(unity-gtk-module or appmenu-gtk-module) to environment variable called 
GTK_MODULES. If it will not working with appmenu-gtk-module, write me. 
unity-gtk-module maintainers is not so responsive.
  3. Menu can use only application actions, only window actions and only unity 
actions. And all this are correct, as well as any combination of it (but not 
empty combination).

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