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  Hi Konstantin,
  thank you very much for your input!
  > One can be missing, and then incomplete menu should render:
  In Plasma we don't typically use this separate "app menu" (although I'd like 
to do that but as a separate menu), so what I do is I show the menu bar and if 
that is not there I'll try the app menu. I never show both of them at once to 
be consistent with KDE apps that only have a menu.
  > c) If both are missing, you will not see a menu (Protocol is incorrect)
  I don't understand. Incorrect on my side? When both menus are missing where 
should I get the menu from?
  > Unity (_UNITY_OBJECT_PATH, prefix unity) - it is non-standard, but widely 
used action path for set a Unity actions (when window actions is not supported 
by app developer). It is object path supported by unity-gtk-module and 
  I was already wondering what the `unity.` prefixed actions I saw mentioned in 
a script I looked at. I just installed `unity-gtk2-module` and tried with some 
GTK2 apps but I don't see any new window properties. What else do I need to get 
GTK2 working? (Also given Unity is basically dead and a Ubuntu-specifica, won't 
really help us on non-*buntu distributions, right?)
  > If any of this are missing, this menu items should be rendered as disabled. 
But if menu using actions only from one category - it can be used as a normal 
menu. Setting this all is not required for functional menu. One will be enough, 
if menu is using actions only from one group.
  You mean that I don't neccessarily need both application and window actions 
in case the menu just uses application actions? I'll fix that.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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