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  > So, Unity is dead, but unity action prefixes is live.
  I just added support for that but I don't know what apps use it to test it, 
if you may..? :)
  > To use unity-gtk-module or appmenu-gtk-module you need to install it into 
correct location (where all gtk modules is located) and then add its name 
(unity-gtk-module or appmenu-gtk-module) to environment variable called 
  I just did that and now get a full menu in e.g. Pluma. However, most other 
apps, like Evince, don't get a menu at all anymore. It seems the the 
appmenu-gtk-module always announces a menu bar which may be empty? :/ My proxy 
does not fallback to empty menus, it only falls back when the menu property 
doesn't exist to begin with and I wouldn't really want to make it even more 
complex as it is.

  R120 Plasma Workspace


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