Hey Denis,

Windows 10 license keys become tied to hardware as soon as it's activated,
so if it hasn't been activated, you should be fine with a Windows 10 ISO,
your COA and VirtualBox. Now, I was under the impression that all prebuilt
PCs came activated, so are you absolutely certain that it isn't activated
and where are you getting that information? That may determine how you
should go about doing this.


On Wed, Aug 9, 2017 at 2:40 PM, Denis Heidtmann <denis.heidtm...@gmail.com>

> wrote:

> I just purchased a new desktop machine.  It has Windows 10 pro, not yet

> > activated.  After installing Ubuntu I would like to be able to run this

> > Windows as a guest in VB.  My searching tells me that this can be a bit

> > tricky.  I am not in any hurry to migrate.  I first want to make sure I

> > not do anything which will cut off this possibility.  Do I need to backup

> > something from the machine before I install Linux, or can I just use the

> > COA sticker to get what I need from Microsoft after I have wiped the HD,

> > installed Ubuntu and VB?  I have no reason to run Win 10 (except as a

> > guest) on the machine other than to initially ensure myself that the

> > machine is functioning properly.

> >

> > Thanks,

> > -Denis
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