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> I just purchased a new desktop machine.  It has Windows 10 pro, not yet
> activated.  After installing Ubuntu I would like to be able to run this
> Windows as a guest in VB.  My searching tells me that this can be a bit
> tricky.  I am not in any hurry to migrate.  I first want to make sure I do
> not do anything which will cut off this possibility.  Do I need to backup
> something from the machine before I install Linux, or can I just use the
> COA sticker to get what I need from Microsoft after I have wiped the HD,
> installed Ubuntu and VB?  I have no reason to run Win 10 (except as a
> guest) on the machine other than to initially ensure myself that the
> machine is functioning properly.
> Thanks,
> -Denis
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I have used the instructions here
https://www.virtualbox.org/wiki/Migrate_Windows  to migrate Windows XP to
Virtualbox, but have not tried it with WIndows 10.  In summary you boot
into windows and run a script which does some registry magic that makes
your Disk drivers look very generic. Then you shut down, DD the image,
convert it the DD'd image to a virtualbox image and boot it.  It sounds
easy, but it's Windows and every step is fraught with peril.  You should
also boot into Windows and create a Recovery Drive before you do anything
After you have a Recovery Drive you might want to shrink your WIndows
installation. I have done this before with a live linux and GPARTED, but
Windows has a native way of doing this now which sounds like a better idea

Good luck,
Bill Barry
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