philippe_44 wrote: 
> Well, it will still be a hit and miss as, again, the LMS players play
> ... whenever they play. So it might swing +/- 300ms or more, but you
> will not have any certainty, LMS time cannot be controlled by an
> external source with the existing API. As long as one of the entities
> contains a random time element, there is nothing you can do for the
> whole system. 
> My latest version of Shairtunes2W includes a "AirPlay latency" that you
> can play with, it's made for another purpose but it should affect the
> system the way you want. 
> But again, understand that what you want to do cannot be achieve in a
> reliable way with the existing LMS interface. You'll get sometimes
> close, sometimes not.

I'll have a play. Incidentally, there's no settings link for your
ShairTunes2 (fork) line in the list when I click on the Plugins tab in
the LMS web settings GUI. I have to click on settings for some other
plugin, then select ShairTunes2 (fork) from the drop down list. Once I'm
there I notice the info hint for 'Airplay latency (ms)' reads: "Set the
duration of the AirPlay buffer. Low value means faster start but more
shuttering". Can I use this value therefore to influence the delay
before the iOS device starts its video playback?

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