rickwookie wrote: 
> I'll have a play. Incidentally, there's no settings link for your
> ShairTunes2 (fork) line in the list when I click on the Plugins tab in
> the LMS web settings GUI. I have to click on settings for some other
> plugin, then select ShairTunes2 (fork) from the drop down list.
The "normal" way to access to a plugin settings is rather to go to the
"advanced" tab in LMS' settings and then choose the plugin in the
dropdown list
> Once I'm there I notice the info hint for 'Airplay latency (ms)' reads:
> "Set the duration of the AirPlay buffer. Low value means faster start
> but more shuttering". Can I use this value therefore to influence the
> delay before the iOS device starts its video playback?
> Edit: 600 ms seems bloody close in my eyes when outputting to my SB
> Radio, until that is the audio playback randomly pauses for a couple of
> seconds after a few minutes playback, throwing it all out. Oh well.

Yes, this is the right parameter and it's expected that below ~500ms
shuttering happens. It's because the plugin has to build a buffer of the
airplay frames. Such RTP frames are sent using UDP protocol, so no
guaranteed delivery. There is a mechanism to ask again for missed
frames, but it means that you must do buffering to give you a chance to
ask for and received the missed ones because if you have a hole of 100
frames between say frame 900 and 1000 but you've already sent frame 1000
to LMS, then it's over because the interface with LMS is HTTP, so frame
numbers do not exists, ordering is implicit by order of sending HTTP

Anyway, you can also tweak the "buffer level" parameter which adjust
buffering inside LMS this time. Normally it does not affect playback
start in a deterministic way, but here it should because the source is
hard realtime

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