Thanks, will you push a new plugin version which will be automatically
updated, or should I uninstall/reinstall?

philippe_44 wrote: 
> I'll look into that, looks like I made a detection logic fault here.
> I'll also look at the wav option, strange
> [edit]: correction done. For the wav problem, I think it's LMS which has
> not been configured to handle .wav files. Look at the "File Type" option
> for wav in the settings

Of course you are right: I had deactivated direct streaming of .wav.
(Reason, just for info: I use wav files to calibrate my system for
equalization via sox, and thus force .wav files to pass through sox
avoiding direct streaming. This could be handled better in
custom.config, but it was OK since I have no other wav or pcm files. And
this parameter was set looong ago)

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