I finally managed to have ShairTunes2 working on QNAP.
The installation was flawless, no error messages, all seemed to work as
I already posted, but it did not :-(
The bug seems to be in the OS recognition inside Utils.pm :
"shairport_helper-i386-linux" was started, instead of the needed
It is not clear to me what are the different options foreseen by
OSDetect, but I had the routine working using the simple and unelegant
brute-forse approach:

    if ($os->{'binArch'} =~ /i386/) {
                    $bin = "shairport_helper-x64-linux";

Hopefully, could this be corrected allowing correct recognition of the
64-bit QTS OS of QNAP?
Incidentally, a minor bug still remains: the plugin does not work if the
option "Use flac for streaming" is not ticked. I got plenty of error
messages like
    [17-08-01 23:58:34.2269] Slim::Player::Song::open (409) Error: Couldn't 
create command line for wav playback for 
  (and huge logfiles of ShairTunes for each player), but all works like
a charm if the FLAC option is selected, which is fine for me.
Thank you Philippe for this excellent plugin, and hope you might tweak
the OS identification routine, this would probably avoid re-editing of
Utils.pmin case of future updates of the plugin.

PS: I see the discussion is going on also on the other thread
(ShairTunes2). It is not clear to me whether I should post here
(ShairTunes2W) or on the other one

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