scala wrote: 
> I finally managed to have ShairTunes2 working on QNAP (in my case:
> HS-251 with an Intel CPU running QTS 4.2.0)
> The installation seemed flawless, but it was impossible to connect to
> the iDevices, although they were visible.
> The bug seems to be in the OS recognition inside :
> "shairport_helper-i386-linux" was started, instead of the needed
> "shairport_helper-x64-linux".
> It is not clear to me what are the different options foreseen by
> OSDetect, but using the simple and unelegant brute-force approach:
> > 
  >   > if ($os->{'binArch'} =~ /i386/) {
  >                 $bin = "shairport_helper-x64-linux";
  >             }
> > 
> I can select the correct helper. Hopefully, could this be corrected
> allowing correct recognition of the 64-bit QTS OS of QNAP?
> Incidentally, a minor bug still remains: the plugin does not work if
> the option "Use flac for streaming" is not ticked. I got plenty of
> error messages like> 
  >   > [17-08-01 23:58:34.2269] Slim::Player::Song::open (409) Error: Couldn't 
create command line for wav playback for 
> >   (and huge logfiles of ShairTunes for each player), but all works
> like a charm if the FLAC option is selected, which is fine for me.
> Thank you Philippe for this excellent plugin, and hope you might tweak
> the OS identification routine, this would probably avoid re-editing of
> Utils.pmin case of future updates of the plugin.
> PS: I see the discussion is going on also on the other thread
> (ShairTunes2). It is not clear to me whether I should post here
> (ShairTunes2W) or on the other one

I'll look into that, looks like I made a detection logic fault here.
I'll also look at the wav option, straneg

This is the right thread, the other one is deprecated, I should not even
answer on that one

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