philippe_44 wrote: 
> I made a mistake in that change but that will likely not solve your
> problem (now correcte din 0.71.0). You have likely upgraded your Perl
> version since last time you used the plugin. I'm providing binaries for
> a few Perl builds, but I can't do that for all of them. I've built for a
> 5.24.2 but it seems that you have a 5.24.0 and there is some
> incompatibilities. You have two options
> 1/ Update to 5.24.2
> 2/ install the libraries youself using CPAN. I don't know how piCore
> would let you do that
> 3/ find openSSL::RSA, openSSL::Random and openSSL::BigNum for 5.24.0
> somewhere and install them

Hmm. Well, I used the plugin on Monday successfully, saw there was a
plugin update in the LMS Server interface and restarted it. Now it won't
load. I haven't updated LMS since last March. I'll poke around to see
what I can do. Thanks for your help.

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