philippe_44 wrote: 
> This is strange, here is why:
> The plugin needs some OpenSSL shared libraries. These are binary, not
> perl source, so there must be one per CPU architecture and per perl
> version. These are often not included with default perl or LMS. So, to
> avoid forcing user to mess up with that, I've included a few combination
> of CPU/perl. I realized that the 5.24 was missing so I added it (5.24.2)
> in 0.70.4 but it seems that 5.24.2 is not compatible with perl 5.24.0,
> at least this is what I thought in your case and because you said it was
> working before, I assumed that you had these libraries included. The
> error on my side was that my shared libraries were taking precedence
> over the installed one, if any and this is what I try to correct in
> 0.70.5, I made an error and then corrected that in 0.71.0. I'll check
> again 
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Interesting. There is a way to add picore extensions to the picoreplayer
software and when I read your last replay, I attempted to load the
openssl extension, but the software informed me that it was already
installed. Maybe I did it before a long time ago and forgot about it, I
don't know.

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