mherger wrote: 
> >
> I can't find any information about the TS-239 (without the Pro). What 
> kind of CPU is this using?

It's got an Atom CPU - I deliberately went with x86 back in the day as
it provided better support for plugins. ;-)

mherger wrote: 
> >
> No. That module is very picky about where it is compiled etc (for 
> security reasons). Eg. I think the Kernel on source and target machine 
> must match etc. There's no way I could do this for all kinds of systems.
> That's definitely something which should be done using the system's 
> package manager.
> ...
> I'll point to post #866 again. Or ask in a QNAP related forum.

The problem is that the package managers are now all third party, and
they break the SSOTS package already installed ;-)

No bother, I'm well into switching LMS to run on my OSMC Pi. 

Now I'm getting a 404 file not found when viewing the settings for the

404 Not Found:
(I'm paraphrasing from memory as I saw this similar error for earlier
plugins, but I'm seeing this.)

I can successfully install your bandcamp plugin, but ol' Spotty is not
playing nice.

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