since a few days I have problems starting spottify connect in the
I need 4 - 5 attempts to connect to my squeezebox with the "connect to a
device" function of the Windows app. 
only after the last attempt the log file shows 

    [18-02-10 08:13:36.0033] 
Plugins::Spotty::Connect::DaemonManager::startHelper (84) Need to (re-)start 
Connect daemon for 00:04:20:xx:xx:xx
  [18-02-10 08:13:36.0070] Plugins::Spotty::Connect::Daemon::start (63) 
Starting Spotty Connect deamon: 
 -c /var/lib/squeezeboxserver/cache/spotty/000420xxxxxx -n Salonbox 
--disable-audio-cache --bitrate 96 --player-mac 00:04:20:xx:xx:xx --lms
  [18-02-10 08:14:00.6726] Plugins::Spotty::Connect::_connectEvent (230) Got 
called from spotty helper: start
I the earlier attempts the player name in the menu goes grey for a few
seconds and then the spotify app is again connected to This Computer.
There is nothing that shows in the logfile.

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