loopguru wrote: 
> Experiencing the same. Spotify app on iPhone tries connecting and
> finally gives up. Even several connection attempts fail.
> If I then switch to another Squeezebox Radio connection succeeds.
> Switching back to the initial Squeezebox Radio leaves both (!)
> Squeezebox Radios playing.
> Absolutely nothing in the logs.
> I can not recall this happened in the past so it might be a regression
> with one of the recent Spotty updates.
> Tom
> Spotty 2.5.1,  LMS 7.9.1 on Synology 916+ (Intel Pentium N3710), perl
> 5.024000 - x86_64-linuxSeems to be an issue with the Android Spotify app. I 
> can't play anything
at all even on the phone.

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