mherger wrote: 
> Hi Stefan
> would you be able to play Spotify tracks using Spotty's menus, rather
> than Spotify Connect?
> Please make sure you set plugin.spotty to INFO to get more information.
> And make sure you're running the latest max2play version. I think Spotty
> is not compatible with older versions.
> Michael

So here is another file:24539 with the logging set to
info. I can't see that much more information,... but still: logging is
set to Info, I checked twice.

I restarted the LMS with disableDiscovery disabled. This time, when that
was disabled I did not see the device in the SpotifyConnect menu on any
of my phones or laptops. When it changed, because of too many restart
attempts, I'm able to see the the player on the last device that was
able to play something through SpotifyConnect. All the other phones are
still not able to see it.

|Filename: server.log                                               |

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