Ok, but all my Spotify Apps are using the same login. Not just the one
that "sees" the player.

Sometimes the player list in Spotify is confused when a deamon comes and goes. Do NOT enable local discovery any more, restart LMS, force quit all Spotify apps, and try again. Would it still not work?

And if I hear you correctly, if I would put the LMS on one of my old
Raspberry Pis, the problem would most likely be gone, right?

I can't guarantee this :-). I wouldn't recommend running LMS on a first genration Pi. It should be a Pi2 or newer to get a decent UX.

The local discovery code currently only works if there's no other such service running on the system (eg. avahi). Therefore it should work on pCP, but probably fails on max2play. This will only change once the new librespot code has become stable and I've been able to move there.


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