slartibartfast wrote: 
> In the last few days I have noticed that switching between squeezebox
> players in the Android Spotify app is impossible. Does this still work
> for you? It was working perfectly until last week.
> Update. If anyone else using the Android Spotify app could also check
> whether switching between players works for them that would be very
> helpful.

Ok, I guess it depends on how you define "it works". I never used this
so I tested this as you requested.
I still had Spotty 2.1.1 running and first tested with that. Both
Connect targets are SB Touch, both were turned on beforehand, not
playing anything. Used the Spotify app on my phone to Connect to one
touch, played fine, then switched to the other Touch. The first stopped
playback (but kept it's position) and the second one started playing
from the time when I switched. Did this a couple of times without
Upgraded to Spotty 2.1.8. Restarted LMS and both Touch'es. I can still
switch between them in the same way, but now every time the Touch I
switch TO get's it's volume set to zero. If I turn up the volume it
plays normally. I tried this 5 times and the same behaviour. The target
touch plays, but with the volume set to zero.

So, yes I can switch between players, but have to turn up the volume
every time I do that.

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