Spotty 2.1.9 playing a Spotify list on a Squeezeplayer, then stopped the
playback. This is muting that player. Now turning to another player,
restarting the song and it will play on that player. But switching back
to the formerly stopped Squeezeplayer it stays muted.

1x odroid u3 with max2play as lms + 'teac ud-501'
( usb-dac + 'phonitor mini'
headphone amplifier + 'akg k812'
headphones | 2x squeezebox classic | 1x raspberry pi with 'hifimediy
es9023 dac' ( +picoreplayer |
1x google chromecast audio with tannoy reveal active | 1x google
chromecast audio with 'philips fidelio ds9000/12'
( | 1x squeezelite
on macbook pro high sierra
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