mherger wrote: 
> > Now that gave me hope to find out what was wrong with volume. Alas: 
> > nothing even remotely related to volume has changed since then.
> Pausing 
> > has changed, daemon handling did.
> Oh... and once again I was wrong: pausing does change volume. Didn't 
> know that... only once the device is un-paused I'd be able to restore 
> the volume. Please give 2.1.9 another try.
> -- 
> Michael

Can also confirm that the volume problem seems to be fixed in 2.1.9.
Switched 6 times back and forth between 3 devices: volume stays at

I had Spotty logging temporarily set to 'debug' for 2.1.8 and after
switching players saw:

    Plugins::Spotty::API::_call (1316) API call: 

don't know if that's an inquiry or a setting, but those lines are not
present in 2.1.9.


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