NeverSimple wrote: 
> Ok, I guess it depends on how you define "it works". I never used this
> so I tested this as you requested.
> I still had Spotty 2.1.1 running and first tested with that. Both
> Connect targets are SB Touch, both were turned on beforehand, not
> playing anything. Used the Spotify app on my phone to Connect to one
> touch, played fine, then switched to the other Touch. The first stopped
> playback (but kept it's position) and the second one started playing
> from the time when I switched. Did this a couple of times without
> problems.
> Upgraded to Spotty 2.1.8. Restarted LMS and both Touch'es. I can still
> switch between them in the same way, but now every time the Touch I
> switch TO get's it's volume set to zero. If I turn up the volume it
> plays normally. I tried this 5 times and the same behaviour. The target
> touch plays, but with the volume set to zero.
> So, yes I can switch between players, but have to turn up the volume
> every time I do that.The volume is a known issue but at least switching works 
> in that you can
actually switch. Looks like it is just me.

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