mherger wrote: 
> > Michael, could this be a librespot issue since the only players
> affected
> > are squeezeboxes. Is it worth you bringing it up in your librespot
> > forums?
> Interesting: there's been a report about the Spotify app not updating 
> Now Playing information on Android:
> -- 
> MichaelMichael, I noticed that on the librespot forum you mentioned that it 
> was
working until the latest Spotify update. That is not strictly true as
when the latest update was first installed everything was working and it
only stopped working around a week later for me and a couple of days
later for Kidstypike. 

Reverting to an earlier 8.4 version doesn't fix it. I have gone back to

Are there any Windows players using librespot I could try or is that not
a thing?

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