messengerman wrote: 
> Turned out the reason it "wasn't applicable" is that I'd already
> installed C++ six years ago! I initiated a repair anyway (the system
> offered the option) in case it had somehow been corrupted. 
> But Spotty still doesn't work. VCRUNTIME 140.dll not found error and the
> same suggested solutions. Install C++, or re-install Spotty.exe.  As to
> re-installing Spotty I can't see how that should be done. Tried
> disabling it then re-enabling it but that made no difference. So how do
> you properly uninstall / reinstall Spotty?
> Many thanks, appreciate the help.Sounds like C++ isn't installed properly 
> despite the repair. You could
try uninstalling and reinstalling it.

Update. IIRC the version you need is 2015 which couldn't have been
installed 6 years ago.

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