philippe_44 wrote: 
> I'm working on a lot of modifications currently. The stable (official
> repo) is still the one to use - you can get the dev using the dev repo,
> but it is WIP

Looking forward to the changes.

Got a strange issue with HomePod, I appreciate that there are changes to
implemented from a PR however its just a bit strange.

Using your groups plugin, all players are in sync and playing LMS
library just fine, however this issue comes when I AirPlay to the Group
Player I get an issue with HomePod where it will not play music, it may
disappear from LMS and the other players that are in sync will pause
playing for a second then continue again; similar to buffering. This
happens maybe every 30 secs to a minute.

I have attached the log if that helps. I powered off the HomePod from
LMS and back on a couple of times throughout the log to get you some
more info. The HomePod is called HomePod within LMS and the log also
refers to Living-Room-2 which is the Apple Name.. 

Many Thanks!

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