Together with UPnpBridge, I've uploaded a new version It's a
big change compared to all previous versions as a lot of the code has
been rewritten. My main objective was to vastly simplify the code which
had become way too complicated over time with lots of redundant
parameters. Few changes

- removed the creation of local buffer files
- core if much closer to original squeezelite which means that it's now
possible to add decoding/re-encoding of audio stream (will bring
replaygain and fade in/out). This is not available yet, I'll do that, if
useful, once this version is stablized
- remove use of libupnp webserver
- various parameters removed

As continuation of, player discovery/removal now happens on
the fly.

I'd appreciate a lot some help for testing as there are many
modifications on features that I've tested one by one over the past
years, and I can't re-test everything. If you are willing to help,
please be patient as regressions are expected. You can always return to
stable version, but I cannot progress with your help

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