mherger wrote: 
> > The Duo V1 has a Infrant chip which has a SPARC processor - I don't
> know
> > if Philippe has a binary for Sparc processors - most system have x86
> or
> > ARM.
> If you're still running ReadyNAS on a Sparc, then I'd strongly suggest 
> moving LMS to a Pi or something else. You'll be facing not only 
> compatibility issues with LMS and some plugins, but more and more 
> streams will fail to play due to its outdated SSL infrastructure. Not to
> mention that it's awfully slow compared to anything you'd be running 
> nowadays. We had to introduce "optimizations" specifically for this 
> platform just to make it work reasonably - about 8-10 years ago!
> -- 
> Michael

Just adding to Michael's point by saying that you can easily run LMS on
a Pi but still have your music files on the NAS (as long as both are
wired it should work fine).

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