Running LMS on a windows pc  using Chromecast to play RP on a Chromecast

sounds terreffic when it works. Some times it works for several tracks
butoften it just stops without warning. I then have to press play and it
starts again. Annoying when I love to listen to tihis great station.
anny thougts  - thanks
I can see this in log when it stops 

Sync.NotifyState:359 [00497EE8]: Cast stop
[10:42:09.498] sendSTAT:157 [004AF358]: STAT:[STMu] msplayed 1051082
[10:42:10.309] MRThread:506 [00497EE8]: Volume local change 90 (0.9000)
[10:42:10.309] sq_callback:314 Volume 90
[10:42:10.309] sq_callback:314 Volume 90
[10:42:24.006] slimproto_run:674 [004AF358] Closing CLI socket 1188
[10:47:10.360] CastStop:239 [00497EE8]: Immediate STOP (id:996)
[10:47:21.015] slimproto_run:674 [004AF358] Closing CLI socket 1160

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