philippe_44 wrote: 
> Please try the helper here
> Find a way to copy it anywere onto you NAS and, exactly as you did
> previously, launch it manually. The version to use is
> squeeze2raop-aarch64-static. I cannot guarantee that it will work w/o
> problems, but a quick test seems to show that it works

Philippe, you are my SuperHero!!!!

I copied your file to /volume1/@appstore.
Only after chmod 755 i was able to start it with./
All my Airplay devices show and so far it seems to run without any
That is AWESOME!

No i have only one question:
Is it possible to rename squeeze2raop-aarch64-static to
put it in
and then be possible to manage it within LMS gui?
Or is this a bad idea?

After restarting LMS Airplay Bridge still works, but after a restart of
NAS i would have to start the service manually i guess?

Thank you so much

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