Pommes wrote: 
> Philippe, you are my SuperHero!!!!
> I copied your file to /volume1/@appstore.
> Only after chmod 755 i was able to start it with./
> All my Airplay devices show and so far it seems to run without any
> issues:-)
> That is AWESOME!
> No i have only one question:
> Is it possible to rename squeeze2raop-aarch64-static to
> squeeze2raop-armv6hf-static,
> put it in
> /volume1/@appstore/SqueezeCenter/Cache/InstalledPlugins/Plugins/RaopBridge/Bin
> and then be possible to manage it within LMS gui?
> Or is this a bad idea?
> After restarting LMS Airplay Bridge still works, but after a restart of
> NAS i would have to start the service manually i guess?
> Thank you so much

Great! Meanwhile I did a version which should let you select
the 64 bits version. I could not test though

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