pippin wrote: 
> 9.4.1, so not the beta, could you try the beta?
> I assume you did already try things like a cold restart of the app and
> to restart the router?
> I assume you are not seeing duplicate players in the web interface or a
> Squeezebox itself?
> Sometimes players keep,disconnecting from the server and reconnecting,
> that tends to confuse iPeng.
> But it’s good to hear it’s 9.4.1, I made some player-switching changes
> for watchOS yesterday so if this was today‘s beta I would have assumed
> something went wrong with this.
> Oh, and as usual ... could you maybe send me one of these diagnostics
> mails?

I don’t know how to download the beta, I just let the iPad do the
updates. What do I have to do?
No, no duplicate players in the web interface. Squeeze Commander is
working normally on my Android phone.
Sorry, you will have to tell me how to send a diagnostic mail as well!

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