mberger wrote: 
> I have an iPeng oddness which has started today - first I noticed the
> player I had selected at the bottom of the screen (the only one switched
> on) would change to one of the others on the network. When this
> happened, the list of artists/albums on the right would reset to the top
> if I was searching for something. Then the correct player would reappear
> at the bottom and the list would reset again. This was happening once or
> twice a minute.
> If I looked at the multi-player list I could see players were
> disappearing from it and reappearing for a few seconds, seemingly at
> random. When the player that was switched on disappeared, the player at
> the top of the list became the main player...
> At one point the player I was listening to was listed twice! Any idea
> what may be happening? As I say, this has just started. I have upgraded
> to the latest version with no change.

A reboot of router and server seems to have solved the problem - thanks
Jörg for your speedy support.

mherger wrote: 
> > Ah, sorry about the beta question, you have a bit of a confusing
> > nickname so I confused you for mherger.
> Hehe... happened to me before, too. "What? Did I write this?!?" :-)
> -- 
> Michael

Sorry Michael - Please believe me when I tell you my nickname is all
Homer Simpson’s fault...

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