Am 2018-04-04 23:39, schrieb pippin:
schoeppi wrote:

the latest iPeng beta is constantly crashing on my iPhone 7 with iOS
11.3. I am using VoiceOver, maybe this is related, but deactivating it
does also not help.

Is the problem known or do you need more infos?

Hm, i didn�t get any crash reports, yet (might be delayed).
This is today�s beta, right?

Yes, its the latest beta which you have released yesterday.

When I start the app I can see (hear with VoiceOver) the screen of the currently playing title in iPeng for a short time, then the screen closes and I am back on my iPhones home screen.

I will do more tests this evening, because this morning it worked. I started iPeng with no other player turned on, so iPeng was the only player. This causes no crash. I'll test later when more players are turned on...



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